Wedding Planner or Coordinator?

Wedding Planner or Coordinator?

 A Wedding is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It offers opportunities to create, relive, and rejoice in every memory for a lifetime. It explains why it's important to plan wisely and at the right time. That said, it's not unusual to be confused on the planning process such as whether a wedding planner should be the utmost choice or the wedding coordinator. They aren’t the same and can cover different duties. To help, this post is just for you as it entails the differences between a wedding planner and a coordinator and a personal free-of-cost bonus.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is a support in need when needed. The ultimate person keeps track of the entire event, bringing the most out of peace during the last 4-5 pre-wedding days. Another option of the duty has been referred to as a day-of coordinator. Therefore, everything is guaranteed flawless, whether it's conditioning equipment that must be maintained or structuring the meal serving manner.


  • Wedding coordinators are usually cost-effective alternatives
  • Allows you to have maximal flexibility, as they only assist with what you have already planned
  • Affirm a perfect working order


  • You might still need to hire a planner
  • Some people occasionally get whirled up with stress and work of putting into account the coordinator
  • The décor, venue selection, and vendor details are all out of the domain of a wedding coordinator
  • Not physically present at the venue locality means there are always possibilities of a mishap.

Cost of hiring a wedding coordinator

For general experience, coordinators usually cost around 500-1000 US Dollars. When compared to the peace that results, the expense is nothing. Most people agree that the few days bring about most of the stress and emotional intensity. Hence, sharing the tension is always a sensible choice!

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a more comprehensive, specific, and convenient substitute for a coordinator. The job liabilities not only include the management of the event but to take it through the entire planning phase, thereby ensuring perfection at every stage. Therefore, wedding planners are usually hired in the beginning of the planning development.


  • Wedding planners are hired for longer periods
  • They take charge of the entire event beforehand and even assist you in making the best choices
  • The décor and supporting cast are both appropriate with the right planner.
  • The best option for preoccupied couples is because they even brainstorm, bargain, and mitigate with/for the bridal party
  • Having a wedding planner on-site ensures everything goes according to plan without the couple getting involved
  • Because they oversee fewer clients at once, they are more fully committed and available. It explains the high costs.


  • Wedding planners are usually costly to hire. It is because they are there with you for a longer duration of time and take on the bulk of the responsibilities for the couple
  • Some creative and self-reliant people find it difficult to adjust to planners, as they often suffer from the suffocation of choice.

Cost of hiring a wedding planner

A full fledge wedding planning service usually causes one to spend around 2,000 –10,000 US Dollars. However, hiring a planner can do lifetime wonders which can only be realized by the wedding end.

Where the Actual Difference Lies?

Concerning planner vs. coordinator confusion, it's a single word managing vs. coordinating deal. While a planner budgets, schedules, and attends all event-related activities, a coordinator only reviews what's planned and done. In other words, it's the final walk-through and rehearsal that the coordinator handles. To summarize, a wedding planner takes all your responsibility while a coordinator serves as the last call to foresee what's already done.

However, who to choose is a mystery of individuality.

The Pre-Hiring Checklist

Before you plunge into spending, double-check whether you need this.

  1. Budget

Always set aside the wedding costs, including the pre-wedding shopping, intra-wedding venue and food, and post-wedding honeymoon. If the estimated amount is within your budget range, go ahead!

  1. Time restraints

Hoping to get married within a month? Is your job difficult enough? Well, don't take the holidays now! Appoint a planner or a coordinator.

  1. Rule out inclusive

Many venues have inclusive packages for coordinators and planners. Before moving ahead to appoint one, make sure to review and rule it out.

What to do in Case of Budget Restraints?

This bonus part is just for you if you're one with some budget difficulties. Go ahead and check out The Bridal Acc’t, where you can find everything from the Invite Guide to the ultimate honeymoon aids. Whether you are having difficulty with the bridesmaids or the event itself, we have it all to help along with referrals and providers in every category!

End it, so I can start planning!

Wedding planners and wedding coordinators are interrelated puzzle pieces that can be built together to generate a highly professional outlook. While the coordinator provides a brief insight, the planner offers a whole fledge experience.

Either way, your personal preferences, stress management skills, and lifestyle details help one to choose what's right.

We wish you all the best for your big day! Stay tuned for our future great posts!