Date Planning - Pros and Cons of the Months

Date Planning - Pros and Cons of the Months

Best Month to Marry your Love of Life

Are you eager to set a wedding date? It must be nerve-wracking as well as exhilarating! Do not worry, though; we are here to assist you in selecting the month that will suit all your requirements. So, don't simply stop here; READ TO THE END!

How to select the month?

It might be challenging to choose a month for your wedding. There are a few reasons one shouldn't always choose to be married during the busiest months, including the fact that it can be pretty pricey along with other drawbacks.

 Choosing a month depends entirely on which weather season your partner and you prefer as well as consideration for the attendees. In our opinion, the months of March, April, and October are the best. 

To obtain a perspective and aid in your decision-making, let's go over each season and month:


1. Spring season – March, April, May

It is undoubtedly the loveliest time of year to be married with flowers blossoming everywhere. Spring days are bright and breezy. The sight of blooming flowers is always soothing. What a fantastic imagery of seeing your soulmate and you enjoying such stunning surroundings together.

What makes it ideal for your wedding?

  • The perfect weather will make hosting the visitors much smoother
  • The magnificent scenery will make your photographs STUNNING
  • Because this time of year is often not the busiest for weddings, you will be able to make all the necessary bookings easily
  • You may think of a beautiful floral scheme for your big day to make it more special


  • Even though winter has just ended, the weather may still be unpredictable. There's a possibility that you won't have that idyllic, bright wedding day
  • Although the prices are lower than during other peak seasons, vendors may start to increase their pricing in anticipation of the arrival of sunny days

2. Summer Season – June, July, August

One of the most popular times of year to get married is the summer months! Just a few arrangements will allow you to enjoy your special day in high temperatures.

What makes it ideal for your wedding?

  • Confirm bright days with little to no possibility of rain. It may be your ideal, idyllic, sunny wedding!
  • Even if your guests don't live in the same city as you, kids will be allowed to attend. Why? Summer vacations!
  • You may quietly spend your special day thanks to the long summer days.


  • Due to the extreme heat, outdoor weddings can be difficult to handle during the day. Special preparation must be made to take care of the guests if one intends to hold an outdoor celebration
  • Prices may be expensive, and it may not be easy to book a venue due to the busy wedding season. In this case, getting things bought online is a perfect option. Plan ahead to beat everyone else to the date!
  • Sunlight may not make for the finest photos

3. Fall Season – September, October, November

Fall weddings are the best-themed weddings! The turning of the leaves and the crisp, chilly air have an exceptional enchantment to them.


What makes it ideal for your wedding?

  • Pleasant temperatures (not too hot nor too cold) 
  • The option to incorporate other well-known festivals and celebrations into your theme, such as Thanksgiving or Labor Day, by choosing the concept of your wedding and availability
  • The brightness of the setting would be ideal for the best photographs 
  • Bookings will be simple to come by because it's not the busiest time of year for weddings


  • The day of your exquisite wedding might turn gloomy and unpleasant due to rainy weather
  • You must be specific with the décor for an autumn wedding. Not every color scheme can work with the fall environment's hues (orange, yellow, red, purple, brown)

4. Winter Season – December, January, and February 

When you consider a winter wedding, you might picture the chilly days when the bride or the groom might tremble from the cold, but DID YOU KNOW? When the proper planning is done, winter weddings may be the cosiest and comfy ever.


What makes it ideal for your wedding?

  • Wedding can be cozy by putting fireplaces and small blankets in place for the guests. You may even buy some cute jacketsfor the whole party!
  • The white snow and bride's white attire will be the ideal combination
  • Since fewer couples choose this season, scheduling will be a breeze
  • Bookings will be more uncomplicated because it's the least popular time of year for couples. Less humidity will also result in faultless bridal hair and makeup application.


  • Problems will arise at very low temperatures
  • Shorter days – it gets dark QUICK
  • A possible lack of your preferred floral arrangements, but faux flowers are an option


Sum it up, sis!

It's hard to choose for your big day. No doubts about it! However, our offered recommendations can get you started in creating the most thorough guide for you to choose from based on your needs.

Congratulations on your BIG DAY!