Wait... How Many??

Wait... How Many??

Hi Squaddies!

In this episode of Her Glam Squad Talk, we have to address the biggest question ever: How many bridesmaids should I have?? This is such an important question because it can effect the entire wedding planning experience and alter it just the same. The short answer is HOWEVER MANY YOU WANT!! But as we know, so many variables have to be considered to make it perfect. And that is really what I want to address. No one can decide on the number of bridesmaids for you except you! But, I do want to be sure you have all of the factors  in mind to make a sound decision.

For starters, you have to decide on the size of the wedding as a whole. How big is the venue for the ceremony and reception? Can that space hold a lot of people in the party or just a few? Is this a private event for a few friends and family? Or will this be a typical grandiose, Southern-style wedding where your 3rd and 4th generation cousins are coming including their plus ones and every member in your congregation and workplace? (Yes, we Southerners include EVERYONE! :) ) Also, think of the theme for the wedding. Truth be told, the more formal it is, the more people are typically in the bridal party. That is strictly based on tradition. On the other hand, the more casual, the less participation. However you answer these questions, just make sure you have room for all required and desired!

The next factor is a big one: BUDGET! The more people you include in your Bride Squad equates to more money coming out of your and their pockets. Think of it this way - flowers, rentals, gowns, gifts, makeup, hair, nails, shoes, plate settings and food, accommodations, airfare, activities, limo spaces.... I can keep going, but you get the point. One bridesmaid has an average cost of $1000. That is just for ONE! Don't believe me? Google it. I'll wait..... See, I told you! Although a bridesmaid may contribute towards the final amount, it is still the responsibility of the bride to make sure all needs are covered. So, really, if you want 1 bridesmaid or 12, just be sure you can afford it without sacrificing what is important.

Speaking of sacrifices, we cannot forget about people's feelings. Wow, this can be a blog post in itself... but we will keep it short. Have you ever thought about your friends? Like really thought about your friends? (Some of us may be introverts with a very small circle, so this is more so for the social butterflies out there.) Can you really have just 5 bridesmaids when your Glam Squad amounts to 15? Will there be hurt feelings or unwanted conflict if someone is not included? Is there a way to include them all without adding more to the bridal party? Just remember, women take these things seriously and personally when they are or are not included or find out others are or not in comparison. Either way, make a wise and safe decision that keeps your friendships in tact!

Also, I have always been a firm believer in even amounts. When your girls are taking pictures, do the numbers make sense? Will there be balance when you are in the middle? Should you add or take out a person to fix it? Might seem small now, but it will matter when the time comes. If you do choose to have an odd number of bridesmaids, be sure to inform your photographer ahead of time so he/she can plan placement to accommodate the count ahead of time and not have a mess when it matters!

And another thing....your bridal party should be your treasured group of special ladies where every moment and memory must be cherished. That can easily be accomplished with a select few. But if you choose to have a big group, be sure to always be present and in the mix so you miss nothing. The more, the merrier, but the less, the more personal. It depends on what means more to you!

Last thing to consider.... Do you HAVE to have bridesmaids? Welp, the answer for this is NO! Many prefer to not have bridesmaids. In actuality, the entire event is about the bride and groom. There is nothing wrong with keeping it that way! And truth be told, you can still have the fun of having a bridal party; they just won't be walking down the aisle with you. They can still be there for the bridal shower, attend the bachelorette trip, and even dress the part in a special color. But the focus will forever be on the stars of the party itself - the new married couple. Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong thinking either!

So Squaddies, these are some of the major topics that have to be discussed and pondered over in the beginning to alleviate future headaches. Just remember, whatever you do, make the decision that makes you happy, accomplishes your vision, and encompasses what matters to you the most. What do you think? What did you decide? Did I leave anything out? Be sure to share! We would love to hear it all!

 So until next time,

Stay Glamorous,

Chellie Michelle






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Such a good read!! For me it was tough because I’ve been in so many weddings that I want to return the gesture but then I’d have wayyy too many bridesmaids. I love all my friends so much, and appreciate being in their special day, but had to marrow it down to my oldest friends. And like you said, all my friends can be there for the other special moments, like the parties!


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