The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship :)

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship :)

Hi Squaddies!

I never thought I would get to the point of blogging; simply because running a business is strenuous as is. However, the love and support I have received from my clients and followers has been extraordinary! I feel blogging will bring me closer to those I meet with in person, on social media, or through business.

Some of the topics I would like to discuss are wedding themes, ring designs, wedding party decisions, picking venues, bachelorette vacation ideas, and more! Have a topic suggestion or want to see specific content? Let me know!

I also want to hear what brides are going through or having trouble with in case I am able to help. I have a lot of resources that may come in handy. In the end, my goal is to make the wedding experience as easy and fun-filled as possible for my Squaddies. That way, whenever you think of Her Glam Squad, I know I have done everything I can to leave a positive impression.

I'm sure you have learned about me from our "About Us" page or even from the interview I had with VoyageATL Magazine. But now, I want to meet all of you! I really want to know my brides' likes, dislikes, daily life, wedding plans, needs, desires, everything! Feel free to use the "Contact Us" section of the site to introduce yourself and make friends! I am also available by email and social media.

My goal is to have a new blog posted every Wednesday. This may include a blurb/discussion, interview from vendors & brides, or maybe a suggestion from a book. The options are endless! I have so many ideas to make this blog come alive, and I thank you all for joining me on this journey to make it a success. This could not be done without you!

So until next time,

Stay Glamorous,

Chellie Michelle


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