Our Story

Hi There!

I go by my business name, Chellie Michelle. I want to personally thank you for visiting and supporting our business! It means so much!

Being a business owner is not easy, but I saw such a need for it. I realized it in 2019 when planning for my friend's wedding. As a bridesmaid, I wanted to do any and everything to make her bridal experience amazing! However, it took a lot of time, research, and money to find the right trinkets that would make her happy! That adventure birthed Her Glam Squad and, as of October 2022, The Bridal Acc't! My goal is to bring fun bridal party accessories together in one location with less headache.

Again, I thank you for supporting a small town, suburban girl of Savannah, GA fulfill her dream!

Feel free to contact any of us on the CONTACT US page to say hi, ask questions, or share concerns!