What's My Job Again??

What's My Job Again??

Hey Squaddies,

Getting married soon? Worried? Excited? We know that your big day is about celebrating your love for the individual you're going to spend the rest of your life with! But there's another objective in mind of most people: arranging a truly unforgettable party that your visitors will remember forever. How can you make your big day stand out amid all the other weddings your family and friends have been to? Don't worry! We'll help you with that! 

First, let's find out what role each person is and what extra they can do to make a wedding dreamy!


Bridesmaid – They are the bride's female best friends and family members. These ladies are entrusted with aiding the maid of honor with gearing up on her bridal day, making sure her dress and veil are sitting properly, and any other chores that may occur. They are also there for all of the rituals, such as the wedding photographs and entering the party with the groomsmen.

How to make your bridesmaid look cute? You may make them wear sashes, bridesmaid badges, or now, in times of COVID, cute bridesmaid masks available on our website. They will help make the wedding not only safe for your family but will also look super cute and trendy.

Best way to ask the person to be a bridesmaid? While proposing your favorite person to be your bridesmaid, one good idea is to buy a squad proposal tote bag from Glam Squad, which will be perfect for proposing the person.


Junior bridesmaid – This is the appellation that will be given to any younger family members in the bridal party who are between the ages of 9 and 16. They'll attend major events and assist with similar obligations as the bridal party and groom's entourage. Often, they are not needed to do any specific activities or tasks. 

The same proposal bags can be used for the junior bridesmaid as well.

How to make your junior bridesmaid look cute? To keep both the adult and junior bridesmaid distinctive, they can wear a necklace or even a bracelet with junior bridesmaid written on it, all available at our website for a great price. How great! 


Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor – Now, this role can be either a male (Matron of Honor) or female (Maid of Honor)! She/he has a very important role hence why the bride should be her best-loved person. Consider your maid of honor to be your right-hand man. 

MOH oversees planning the party along with the bride. He or she also signs the wedding certificate, makes announcements, helps make payments and shopping, and makes sure that the bride looks beautiful. Not only that, but MOH also gives a toast at the reception.

The finest maid of honor is well-organized, communicates well, and is engaged in making your wedding as flawless as possible.

How to make your MOH look cute? Super cute Satin solid 'Maid of Honor' robes are available on our website that is going to give life to the party while giving an absolute darling look. 


Flower Girls – During a bridal procession, a flower girl throw flower petals down the aisle. A flower girl is usually young between the ages of 4 and 8. We all agree on the point that how adorable they look, all dressed up, walking with those little baskets filled with flower petals.

How to be a cute flower girl? Bridal party flower girl's wrist ties, available at our website, will make your wedding party's flower girls even more adorable!


Bride's Squad – The bride's squad involves all the people supporting the bride. They are responsible for nothing but just to make the function fun. For photography, they may wear robes, sashes, or caps for cool pictures. All the members of the bride's squad wearing the same thing will result in cool pictures and a dream wedding, for sure! 


In the end, we just hope that your wedding goes as smoothly as you plan. Carefully give all the roles to the people you think would best fit it to and ask their preferences as well to avoid any unwanted incidents! Good Luck, dear reader!

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